Thursday, October 16, 2008

More News!

We got another email from our attorney in Ukraine and she said that she spoke with SDA and they will submt our dossier first thing next Thursday (October 23, 2008)! We are so excited! She also told us that the SDA told her that they will give us a travel date within a week after submitting, because the age of the children we are adopting and because we already know them. So she is estimating that our travel date will be sometime in the middle of November 2008!
I also spoke with our boys today using skype for almost 2 hours!!! We had a lot of fun, they were sharig everything with me, from their daily responsibilities at the orphanage to their school lessons and grades and then they were just telling me jokes...we were all laughing. They are both learning English at school and tried to talk to me in English a little bit. Aleks asked me to email him English words so that he can study them.
Aleks also told me that they shared the album we made for them from their trip to USA, with their grandmother. She is a sweet lady and loves the boys, but the sad thing is that she is very ill and stays in bed all the time. She is very happy that the boys have a family that will adopt them and love them. Also Aleks told me that she told the boys that she might pass away soon, but that if they will love Jesus, they will see each other in heaven again. We would very much like to meet Aleks and Dima's grandma, she is the one who brought the boys to the orphanage 8 years ago, because the biological mother would leave them for weeks at a time, alone, without food, and they had to go out in the streets, collect beer bottles, and return them to get some money to purchase bread for themselves. It is so sad to know what most of these children go through at a young age and how hard their life really is.
We are so grateful that God is using us, to take them into our family and show them how much He loves them and cares for them.
We are looking forward to more news, next week!

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